Tessa Barentsen
Born in 1965, I started painting in the beginning of 2012. Although my profession is graphic designer, I never felt comfortable with oil paint and realistic painting. But after a few lessons it really stole my heart. Soon I started to paint smaller and smaller. Eventually I ended painting real small paintings, like 2,5 by 3,5 cm or 3,5 by 4,5 cm. And since a few months pastel really got my interest. All eventualy results in oil paintings and pastels in any size you want, from really tiny to 2 x 2 meter if you like. I want to invite you to visit my website and I hope you enjoy watching my paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them. If you are interested in one of my paintings or you want to order a painting of a special person in your life, your favourite pet or even yourself :-) Please let me know by contacting me.